Weekly Update – 28 July 2019

Our weekly training plan, new additional training suggestions for cycling and some advice to help keep everything in balance.

This week we are introducing some additional suggested training to support those of you who want to step things up leading into the Yunca Tour of Southland. These sessions will complement the training you’re doing with club, and help you to build out some distance and aerobic capacity.

Remember that the number of hours you spend doing all sport and activity during your most intense week should never exceed your age – and all training should be balanced, and periodised. Because all of you are involved in lots of sport at lots of levels, this will often take care of the ‘balance’ aspect of things, but it’s vital that you develop the ability to manage your own training output. Your growing bodies function differently to adult bodies, and your training practices should take this into account.


  • Eat well to fuel yourself both for your growth and for your sport. Eating often throughout the day is better than all at once in the evening. Bananas are excellent snacks. As are un-roasted nuts and seeds and sandwiches made with wholemeal bread. We have some pages on this site that give your ideas for good nutrition.
  • Drink water all the time. Electrolyte replacement drinks are usually calibrated for the needs of adults. They’re expensive, and they’re usually only of any real benefit after 90+ minutes of intense exercise.
  • Take notice of any pains or strains and always get advice if these are reoccurring.
  • Keep an eye on your sleep. Excessive tiredness and, conversely, sleeplessness can both be signs of fatigue. Remember teenagers need a lot more sleep than adults.
  • Communicate with your family and coaches – make sure they know how you’re feeling, and what else might be going on that could affect any given training session.
  • Pay attention to your mood. You love exercise – so if you’re not ‘feeling it’, there is likely to be a good reason for this.
  • Make your training high quality. Sometimes our group sessions have very specific focus sets. These can be of as little duration as 7-15 minutes of an over-all session. Make the training count during those focus sets, and use the rest of the time to enjoy the social contact with others – or even to stop and support others. More and harder is not always better.

Monday 29 July

Club Swim – 7:00pm. Recreation Centre – Club Fitness Swim: Lane 3, 4 and 5 – Our club fitness swim will always be free to all comers.

Wednesday 31 July

Optional Independent Ride – Wanaka Cadence Tour: 45 minutes. Grab a mate and head out around a self-directed tour of Wanaka, taking in two or three of the sharp hills the town has on offer and keep a focus on your cadence. Most of your bikes will still be adjusted to the race roll-out setup, so use this to start to build your higher-cadence ability. Try pulling out of intersections with 15 second high cadence bursts – and heading up any hills on your smallest granny gear. Remember when you’re pedalling at high cadence, keep your abs engaged and try to remain steady on the seat – don’t bounce around.

Thursday 1 August

Club Run Val will do her usual session with people committed to developing running speed. Chris will be doing core strength and intensity on Mt Iron (This is not the rabbit run) Meet Room 23 at 3:30 pm All welcome.

This term Val will be coaching the senior runners looking to prepare for competitive running or triathlon. The first Thursday of the month she will join the club intro and share training tips and answer any questions.

Everyone else continues to be welcome to attend Chris’ sessions, which rotate around a focus on pace, intensity, power and variety.

Friday 2 August

Club Ride Mt Iron Tour with Hidden Hills Double Kick (Not the Hidden Hills Time Trial). Meet Room 23 at 3:45 pm All welcome.

Remember to bring lights and warm clothing – it gets dark and cold fast in these winter evenings. Lights are currently compulsory for all riders

Weekend Ride

Optional Independent Ride – Big Chain Ring TT Sets: 45-90 minutes – This can be a destination ride, or you can select a convenient circuit, keep it relatively flat: Ride easy to warm up then perform Three 4 minute BCR Time Trials – this involves changing up into a harder gear and sustaining a focussed higher-than-normal effort (think Rate of Perceived Exertion 8 out of 10) for the 4 minute duration. Ride easy between and then cruise home.

Club Segments

If you’re a GPS user, we have developed specific Strava Segments for our training locations which are all collected on our site. Check them out to see where you stand on the league tables!

Our training and event calendar can be found at: http://trisport.mtaspiring.edutronic.net/training-calendar/ – and you can merge it with your own device if you like

We need three more people to opt in to buy or hire a club skin suit for cycling in order for us to qualify for the 10 item cost. If anyone who wants one didn’t get the chance to fill out the form, you can still do so here.

Our club is all about participation, and alongside the excellent commitment of the student athletes, we welcome family members and members of the community to join us in all of our training sessions. They’re designed to accommodate all levels and abilities and are a lot of fun. If you have it in mind that you’d like to join any of our regular sessions, simply let me know and we’ll make sure you have all the information you need.


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