Weekly Update – 21 July 2019

Our weekly training plan, a link to select our new club skinsuits, and more information about the South Island Schools’ Cycle Race.

Welcome to the first week of Term 3. After such an excellent time at the South Island Schools’ Road Race in Christchurch – not to mention the excitement of the Tour de France, everyone has experienced an upturn in motivation for training. This week we get back into solid capacity building. The swim and ride sessions will contain some sustained aerobic phases, and the run session will focus on plyometric sets. All designed to increase your sustained aerobic effort, as well as start to facilitate your muscular ability to sustain a high intensity attack.

The Southern Tour and the Yunca Tour of Southland are only a few short weeks away now. Those of you who wish to compete in these events are encouraged to keep your bikes adjusted to the maximum rollout distances. From next week we will also be including suggested training efforts for you to do outside of our three club sessions.

We need three more people to opt in to buy or hire a club skin suit for cycling in order for us to qualify for the 10 item cost. If anyone who wants one didn’t get the chance to fill out the form, you can still do so here.

Monday 22 July

Club Swim – 7:00pm. Recreation Centre – Club Fitness Swim: Lane 3, 4 and 5

Our club fitness swim will always be free to all comers. Merryn has asked if anyone would like to take advantage of coached sessions this term. Please speak to or email me if you would like to take advantage of her expertise. She is able to coach technique on every level, from beginner to advanced racers. We’ll go ahead with coaching from Merryn if 6 people opt in. It would cost $30.00 for 6 sessions.

Thursday 25 July

Club Run Val will do her usual session with people committed to developing running speed. Chris will be doing strength and plyometrics Meet Room 23 at 3:30 pm All welcome.

Friday 26 July

Club Ride Mt Barker Aerobic Efforts with Jumps. Meet Room 23 at 3:45 pm All welcome.

Remember to bring lights and warm clothing – it gets dark and cold fast in these winter evenings. Lights are currently compulsory for all riders

Club Segments

If you’re a GPS user, we have developed specific Strava Segments for our training locations which are all collected on our site. Check them out to see where you stand on the league tables!

Our training and event calendar can be found at: http://trisport.mtaspiring.edutronic.net/training-calendar/ – and you can merge it with your own device if you like

Our club is all about participation, and alongside the excellent commitment of the student athletes, we welcome family members and members of the community to join us in all of our training sessions. They’re designed to accommodate all levels and abilities and are a lot of fun. If you have it in mind that you’d like to join any of our regular sessions, simply let me know and we’ll make sure you have all the information you need.


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