Weekly Update – 7 November 2018

Weekly Update – 7 November 2018


Club Run: Fartlek on the Lakeside Track – Meet Room 23 at 3:30pm – Coached by Sam.


Club Ride: Treble Cone Group Ride – Tight Peloton formations – Meet Room 23 at 3:30pm


Club Swim – Wanaka Recreation Centre at 6:00pm


As part of our lead-in to our Summer open-water swimming programme, we ran a test at the pool on Monday. In order to graduate to open water, athletes must be able to remain buoyant unaided and swim more than 600m within a 20 minute timeframe. The following athletes graduated this test:

Ben, Tom, McKay, Hugo, Belinda, Sam, Merryn, Chris.

We will offer repeat of this test for all swimmers as part of our pool sessions in coming weeks. Those who have passed will do open water drills.

If you need help finding a wetsuit for open-water swimming, please let us know.

Our training and event calendar can be found at: http://trisport.mtaspiring.edutronic.net/2018/08/25/training-calendar/ – and you can merge it with your own device if you like

New Zealand Secondary Schools Road Race

We need to hear from you reasonably soon if you’re interested in competing in the New Zealand Secondary Schools Road Race (Running) champs in Dunedin. This will be a great chance for us to see where we fit in to the national scene for our style of running, and could be a very good time if a number of us want to attend. Please check out the event page and fill out the expression of interest form before Sunday 11 November if you’re keen to go. If enough people indicate their interest, we’ll organise team transport and accommodation – we’ll let you know either way on Monday 12.

Our club is all about participation, and alongside the excellent commitment of the student athletes, we welcome family members and members of the community to join us in all of our training sessions. They’re designed to accommodate all levels and abilities and are a lot of fun. If you have it in mind that you’d like to join any of our regular sessions, simply let Sam or me know and we’ll make sure you have all the information you need.


Chris and Sam

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  1. Hi Chris,
    TC sounds great on Friday. See you at 3.30 pm Amanda


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