Weekly Update – 17 January 2019

This Friday 18 January:

Club Ride: Hawea Flat Graded Ride – Meet Room 23 at 9:30 am.

Next Monday:

Club Open Water Swim – Proposed swim to Ruby Island – Meet Waterfall Creek at 5:00pm

Open Water Swimming

We’re keen to run an open-water swim to Ruby Island on Monday as an adventure and to ensure everyone is well prepared for their entry in the Ruby event the following Saturday. This swim is open to anyone who has completed the club open water test.

All we need for this to go ahead is some family support to act as safety on the night. If you could speak to your parents and see if they might be available to help, that would be much appreciated. They can get in touch with my on my school email [email protected]

If you haven’t yet registered for the Ruby, and would like to participate in one of their many offered race categories – we encourage you to to so soon on their website, as spaces are filling up

In order to participate in our open water swim session, you will need to bring a wetsuit and swim cap, as well as have passed our open water test, as specified below.

Photos from TriFACTOR.

There are heaps more where these came from – check out the Race Report

Wanaka Triathlon Club Swim-Run Series

The Wanaka Tri Club is running a summer series of swim/run events on Friday evenings. These go through to the 8th of February and shouldn’t interfere with more than a couple of our Friday group rides. They’re a good chance to develop your skills in open water – sighting, drafting and pacing – as well as to practice getting out of your wetsuit under race conditions. You can sign up on their website.

OPEN WATER TEST: athletes must be able to remain buoyant unaided and swim more than 600m within a 20 minute timeframe. The following athletes have now graduated this test:

Ben, Tom, McKay, Hugo, Belinda, Sam, Merryn, Chris, Zach, Piper, Dylan, Oliver, Jack, Red

Our training and event calendar can be found at: http://trisport.mtaspiring.edutronic.net/training-calendar/ – and you can merge it with your own device if you like

Our club is all about participation, and alongside the excellent commitment of the student athletes, we welcome family members and members of the community to join us in all of our training sessions. They’re designed to accommodate all levels and abilities and are a lot of fun. If you have it in mind that you’d like to join any of our regular sessions, simply let Sam or me know and we’ll make sure you have all the information you need.


Chris and Merryn

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