Club Segments: Riverbank Road TT

This 2.6km Individual TT course matches one of the 6 stages of the Yunca Tour of Southland.

This afternoon’s ride was an introduction to our first Yunca Tour test location. One of the 6 stages of the race will be an individual time trial over a 2.6km distance.

Alex took out his trusty spray can and marked two 1.3km sections on Riverbank Road for us to use to test our performance over this distance.

We will regularly return to this section over the next 4 months – and we encourage you to use it to test yourself when you’re out riding too. A Time Trial is an all-out effort, but over a distance like 2.6km, it will also require some personal management. It’s not possible to go at 100% for the entire distance, and you will want to practice a variety of approaches to see what works best for your own natural physiology. As a general rule, you should aim to ‘wind up’ throughout the set, finishing strong.

The North–>South section is about 1% uphill and the return section the inverse.

For those of you who have GPS devices and phones, we have also set up some Stava segments for the distance. You can check out your performance relative to each other:

MAC Tri Club TT UP (1.3km)

MAC Tri Club TT Down (1.3km)

Posted by Christopher Waugh

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