Race Prep – Film of Transition Practice

Friday afternoon was a highlight for the club with Lisa’s new rider group bringing untold life and colour to the top field at school with their advanced rider familiarisation games and the senior triathlon athletes Jack and McKay demonstrating the intricacies of T1 and T2 transitions for the younger crew who are competing in the South Island champs this weekend.

Here are the videos of these transitions for that crew to analyse in detail. Both Jack and McKay are demonstrating our two recommended practices:

We gave lots of advice about how to prepare for a significant event. The themes for this were:

  • Avoid doing anything new on race day. Use familiar equipment, familiar clothing, familiar food, familiar strategies.
  • Familiarise yourself with the course, including the transition area. This is often best done as a ‘walk-through’, so you can see your locations entries/exits from the perspective you’ll be taking in the race.
  • Think through the timing of your food intake. As you get to know yourself, you’ll begin to discover your tolerances for food timing and types – and as you learn these, race-day is the day to put this into action. Bring food with you to your events that you know works for you.
  • Warm-up. This can be hard to achieve when you are not in control of the rhythm of race-day, but if you can choreograph it, can be great both physically and psychologically
  • Gear list. Reduce your mental overhead as much as you can by carrying a personal gear list which allows you to check your equipment without having to think.

Below is a copy of Merryn’s “Race Day” checklist which you can use and modify for your own race day:


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