Category: Training Plans

The detailed plans for our weekly training sessions.

Swim 2000-2500 – The Pyramid

A 2000-2500m endurance session with a simple pyramid pattern. First completed 15 October 2018

Run 5km – The Rabbit Run

This session should be used sparingly. While the main set is essentially made up of two 5 minute efforts, they are extremely intense.

Swim 1500-2000 – 15 Minute Distance Trial

This session is a way of building some volume into our training and also providing a useful early gauge as to how far we might swim as a group in open water in any given 15 minute period.

SWIM 1700 – The Countdown

A 1700m endurance session with a simple countdown pattern. First completed 27 August 2018

Training Calendar

Check here for all the dates and details about all club training sessions and events.


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