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Information about up-coming events in road cycling and triathlon

Race Report: Yunca Junior Tour of Southland, October 2019

The Lead-Up Things intensified significantly in the 4 weeks leading into our club’s inaugural Yunca Junior Tour of Southland campaign, where our usual one-club-ride-a-week suddenly expanded into three or even five rides per week. As

Club Segments: Albert Town Kermesse

This ride is over varied terrain and we use this as a club to practice group riding, power sets and aerobic volume.

Club Segments: Mt Barker Power Sets

This ride is over varied terrain and we use this as a club to practice group riding, power sets and sprint finishes.

Club Segments: Riverbank Road TT

This 2.6km Individual TT course matches one of the 6 stages of the Yunca Tour of Southland.

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Results: Hidden Hills Time Trial – 3 May 2019

We ran another episode of our long-running club time trial in Hidden Hills yesterday. You and view on this page the time-coded video of the effort

Central Otago Wakatipu Cycle Club – Highlands Raceway Event

As mentioned in last week’s update, we’ve been invited along to the COWCC Highlands Raceway event. In order that they can plan for our participation, they’ve asked that I supply them with a list of

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Race Report: South Island Secondary Schools’ Triathlon Championships – Oamaru

It was a stunning afternoon that saw our convoy of multi-national, multi-age, multi-talented triathletes and crew depart Mount Aspiring College for Omarama and then Oamaru for the South Island Secondary Schools’ Triathlon competition. Our caravan

Race Prep – Film of Transition Practice

Friday afternoon was a highlight for the club with Lisa’s new rider group bringing untold life and colour to the top field at school with their advanced rider familiarisation games and the senior triathlon athletes

Weekly Update – 21 February 2019

South Island Triathlon Competition Week! Monday 25 January: Club Open Water Swim – Brick Session – Beach Start. Sighting Skills. Surges, Transition to run. Bring Running Shoes – Meet at the new carpark in Roy’s


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