Hi all,

This is an unprecedented time, and the Tri Club crew have decided to call pause on our group training sessions. I am in self-isolation for the next 14 days, and therefore will be unable to supervise our training.

Our sports are theoretically compatible with keeping a safe physical distance with each other – however the judgement is that putting any group of people together right now goes against our instinct.

Instead, think about the ‘individual’ aspect of our codes. In times of uncertainty, a routine is often a great solace – as is exercise, which we know is great for both our bodies and our spirits. You might want to go for a run along a favourite track, or for a mountain bike ride – or you might want to take a friend with you (and stay a safe couple of metres away from them). Have a chat with your family about what they think the best decision is.

If you use Strava – maybe challenge someone else to one of your favourite segments – but do it at different times of the day. Stay in touch with each other, and share your experiences. Take photos!

We’ll keep you up to date as our plans evolve.

Take good care of each other!

The crew.


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